Vivaldi Web Browser Gains Yet More New Features

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Vivaldi Web Browser Gains Yet More New Features

Vivaldi Technologies is continuing to add new features to its Vivaldi web browser as it aims to differentiate it from other web browsers. Since Vivaldi hit its 1.0 milestone in April 2016, the company has been steadily improving it with regular updates. The most recent update is Vivaldi 1.8.7, which was released on April 4. The big new feature in the 1.8 branch is an enhanced history view for web browsing. The Vivaldi 1.7 update that debuted in February introduced a new built-in screenshot capability. With the Vivaldi 1.6 update in December 2016, a new tab notification feature debuted. Perhaps the most interesting capability in Vivaldi debuted with the 1.5 update that came in November 2016, providing integration with the Philips Hue smart light bulbs.

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Vivaldi 1.8 Is Based on Chromium 57

While the Vivaldi web browser provides many unique features, at its core it is based on the open-source Chromium 57 web browser.

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Improved History in Vivaldi

Among the big new features in the Vivaldi 1.8 milestone is an improved web browsing history feature. The history feature now makes it easier for users to find sites they have previously visited, while also providing insight into browsing activity.

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Vivaldi Includes a Built-in Screenshot Feature

While most modern operating systems have some form of integrated screenshot taking capability, Vivaldi has its own integrated screenshot feature.

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Users Can Define Custom Shortcuts

Vivaldi enables users to define and create their own keyboard shortcuts, to help control browsing functions.

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Tab Notifications Keep Users Informed

The Tab Notifications feature provides a visible notification to users if a website in a browser tab has been updated with new content.

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Smart Lighting Control With Vivaldi and Philips Hue

Vivaldi users can synchronize the color of Philips Hue smart lights with the color of the browser theme or the web page they are visiting.

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Vivaldi Is Available for Windows, Linux and macOS

The Vivaldi web browser is available for multiple operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux.

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