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Infinidat Now Using Machine Learning to Optimize Storage Performance

InfiniBox takes a software-optimized approach, using machine-learning algorithms to extract high performance and reliability out of low-cost hardware.

Micro Focus' New App Tester Can Be Used on Mobile Devices

The terms “app testing,” “analytics” and “mobile devices” have rarely been used in the same sentence—maybe never. This might be an actual first for the IT industry.

IT Science Case Study: How Monash University Moved to OpenStack

Australia's Monash University needed to switch its legacy data center over to using Linux for a networking operating system. The company explains the process in this exclusive case study.
Cloud storage 2

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer Helps Manage Cosmos DB Resources

Customers using Microsoft's planet-scale NoSQL service, Cosmos DB, can now manage their resources using Azure Storage Explorer.

Firefox 57 Takes Quantum Leap Forward in Speed and Looks SLIDESHOW

Mozilla's open-source browser gets a new look and new features (plus a code name) in its biggest update in a decade.

Nimble’s Contact Manager Unites Office 365, G-Suite, Many Cloud Apps

Nimble’s Team Contact Manager unifies a company's business contacts into single, shared relationship system of record.

HPE Unveils Blockchain-as-a-Service for Enterprises

Mission Critical DLT, now in beta, is expected to become commercially available in early 2018 and joins IBM, Oracle and Microsoft among old-school providers.

LinkedIn Tool for Microsoft Word Uses AI to Spruce Up Resumes

The new Resume Assistant tool uses AI and LinkedIn job marketplace data to help users craft personalized and attention-grabbing resumes in Word.
Red Hat CTO Chris Wright

Red Hat CTO Details the Next Waves of IT Innovation VIDEO

VIDEO: Chris Wright, VP and CTO at Red Hat, talks about the future direction of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the next exciting areas of IT innovation.
Windows File Sharing

Near Share Feature Brings AirDrop-like File Transfers to Windows 10

Microsoft is adding a Bluetooth-enabled local file-sharing feature similar to Apple AirDrop to the next major Windows 10 feature update.

Talend Acquires API Design, Testing Provider Restlet

Acquisition of France-based company is designed to streamline how companies share, govern and monetize data in addition to finding other income opportunities.

AWS Expanding Private Cloud Services with PrivateLink Endpoints

AWS Endpoints have been a popular way among users to securely access S3 and DynamoDB from an Amazon virtual private cloud without the need for an internet gateway.

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