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SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Sets Stage for 'Modern Data Estate'

Database professionals and developers are already flocking to Microsoft's Linux-, cloud- and AI-friendly database, but Microsoft has more in store.

Segment Gets Ready to Unleash Its Super CRM in 2018

Personas can serve as the central record of an entire relationship with a customer and create personalized experiences everywhere the company interacts with its users–whether it's in email, advertisements, social media, push notifications, in-app or even inside the store.

Explaining the Long-Term Value of Fog Computing VIDEO

The 2-year-old OpenFog Consortium held its first-ever conference, the Fog World Congress, Oct. 30 and 31. It was a modest-size gathering (about 400 attendees) at the Marriott in in Santa Clara, Calif.

Couchbase Aims to Improve UX with Latest Database Update

Company is positioning version 5.0 of its platform as infrastructure that fits directly into the rising trend of so-called UX (user experience) IT applications that are popping up everywhere.

Cygilant Launches New Vulnerability, Patch Management Cloud Service

Cygilant VPM provides IT teams with a single-service offering that combines continuous co-managed vulnerability management with auditable patch management.

Webalo Launches No-Code App Generation Platform for IIoT

Webalo 4.0 gives enterprise users the ability to quickly and automatically generate dynamic desktop and mobile persona-based apps using wizards and drop-down menus.
Linux dev

Linux Foundation Reports Quickening Pace For Linux Development SLIDESHOW

The Linux Foundation reports that 8.5 changes every hour have been made by developers to the Linux kernel over the past year.
Artificial Intelligence Chips

Experts say AI Has the Potential to Put Enterprises on Autopilot

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will help automate tasks far beyond what the likes of Oracle, Saleforce.com, and even IBM are doing today, according to IT executives and industry analysts speaking at the Constellation Research Connected Enterprise conference on Oct. 25.

Microsoft Beats the Street on Top and Bottom Lines

Revenue was cited at $24.54 billion against $23.56 billion projected by Wall Street analysts.
Windows 10 Futures

Windows 10 to Gain More Settings in Post-Fall Creators Update Build

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is just starting to reach users, but Microsoft is already previewing the next version's new features.
Gluon Deep Learning Tool

How HPE is Attempting to Make Artificial Intelligence Easier to Use

New products/services paving the way for data scientists, developers and IT departments to deploy and scale deep-learning models into new and legacy applications.

Neo4j Launches Industry-First Native Graph Platform

Neo4j moves up the stack with advanced analytics for artificial intelligence applications and integrated visualization for non-technical users.

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