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Cisco Opens Up DNA Center to Tech Partners, Developers

At Cisco Live, company officials said adding APIs and adapters to DNA Center makes the foundation of its intent-based networking strategy into a platform.
ONAP Beijing Availability

ONAP ‘Beijing’ Paves Way for Cloud-Native Network Functions

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Linux Foundation’s networking group has announced availability of the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP), code-named “Beijing” which will be used by large carriers to automate network traffic and security in preparation for 5G wireless.
Cisco Live 2018 Keynote

Cisco, Google to Make Hybrid Cloud Platform Available by October 2018

During the Cisco Live 2018 show, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said the technology is in an early access program now and could launch in October.
Lew Tucker Cisco

How Cisco Is Expanding Its Container and Kubernetes Efforts VIDEO

VIDEO: Lew Tucker, VP and CTO for Cloud Computing at Cisco, details his company's latest initiatives to enable container applications across Cisco technologies.
Untangle 14

Untangle Updates NG Firewall to Improve SD-WAN Security

A new release of Untangle's firewall platform benefits from a shift to a newer version of the Debian Linux operating system as the base.
Factory Floor Wireless IoT Guide

NIST Develops Guide on Securely Converting Industrial IoT to Wireless

NEWS ANALYSIS: A newly released guide to deploying industrial wireless systems from the National Institute of Standards and Technology provides a solid background for your factory.

Google, AT&T to Offer New Connectivity Option for Cloud Customers

Enterprises can use AT&T Netbond for Cloud to connect their data centers to Google's cloud services platform.

Upstart PoLTE Cracks Logistics Location Challenges Using LTE

NEWS ANALYSIS: One of the biggest challenges in logistics is knowing where things are, whether that thing is a shipping container on the back of a truck or a package in a warehouse. This company now has the answer.

Confluent, Google Team Up to Provide Streaming Data Platform

By using a fully-managed streaming data service on GCP, users can offload the operating burden of Apache Kafka and stream data at scale in real time to Google Cloud’s big data services.
Daily Tech Briefing May 18, 2018

Arista Brings New Switches, Cloud Approach to Campus Networks VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Arista introduces new switches to support its campus networks initiative, and Microsoft takes the wraps off a sleeker Surface Hub 2 digital whiteboard.

HPE Acquires New-Gen Networker Plexxi for Data Fabric IP

HPE said Plexxi’s IP will augment its current software-defined compute and storage capabilities by merging with the SimpliVity storage brand, which it acquired in January 2017 for $650 million.
FCC Targets Chinese Networking Equipment

Arista Introduces New Switches to Support Campus Networks Initiative

Arista is bringing new switches and a cloud approach to campus networks in a move that will broaden its reach beyond the data center and increase its competition with Cisco.
Net Neutrality Action

Senate Democrats Introduce Resolution to Reverse FCC Neutrality Vote

NEWS ANALYSIS: The resolution would use the Congressional Review Act to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s vote to reclassify the internet under Title II of the Communications Act.

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