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Gift Card Theft Bot

Cyber-thieves Using GiftGhostBot to Steal Gift Card Balances

Distil Networks discovers a new advanced persistent bot that is stealing money from gift cards at retailers around the world.

RSA's Innovation Sandbox Reveals Next Set of Hot Security Startups

Innovation Sandbox allows RSA conference attendees a peek at incubating technology that may impact the careers of many future security professionals.
BEC Email Scam

Hacker Accused of Carrying Out Business Email Scam Netting $100M

The long arm of the law tracks down a lone hacker who allegedly used a business email compromise attack to steal $100 million from two U.S. companies.
Password security

HashiCorp Vault Enterprise Update Manages Distributed Secrets

Managing security information including passwords, gets a boost in new enterprise release of open-source based secrets management platform.
android security

Google Continues to Make Strides in Improving Android Security

Google made significant strides in 2016 to get more Android devices updated and reduce the number of harmful applications, but more work remains.

Google Reports a Jump in Hacked Websites in 2016

With the number of hacked and compromised websites on the rise, Google releases new documentation to help the site owners mitigate hacking risks.
Pwn2Own 2017 2

Hackers Escape VMware Virtual Machine Isolation at Pwn2Own 2017

Hackers find 51 vulnerabilities, including a series of virtualization hypervisor exploits, earning themselves $823,000 in prizes at Pwn2Own 2017.

11 Ways Taxpayers Can Keep Themselves Safe From Scams, Identity Theft SLIDESHOW

Tax season is the time of year when taxpayers are especially vulnerable to scams and identity theft. Here are 11 tips to keep yourself safe this tax season.
cyber-espionage and hacking

U.S. Indictments Confirm Fears of Wholesale Russian Hacking

NEWS ANALYSIS: The indictments against three Russian intelligence operatives and a hacker based in Canada reveal details about how so many Yahoo accounts were breached and plundered for data.
Pwn2own contest

Pwn2Own Hackers Earn $340,000 Exploiting Windows, macOS

The second day of the Pwn2Own 2017 hacking competition reveals Windows, macOS, Adobe Flash and web browser exploits.

Online Fraud: What Tools, Techniques the Fraudsters Use SLIDESHOW

DataVisor's inaugural Online Fraud Report provides insight into the browsers, platforms and locations from which online fraud is originating. Here are the report's highlights.
Security Career Path

Women’s Progress in Cyber-Security Stalled Over Past Two Years: Survey

A survey shows that women's participation in the cyber-security industry has leveled off at 11 percent, much lower than their overall participation in the global workforce.
Pwn2Own 2017

Ubuntu Linux Falls on Day 1 of Pwn2Own Hacking Competition

The first day of the Trend Micro-sponsored Pwn2Own competition awards $233,000 in prize money to security researchers for exploiting software with previously unknown vulnerabilities.

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