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DDoS Amplification 2

Memcached DDoS Attacks Slow Down as Patching Ramps Up

Memcached patching efforts appear to be working as the attack bandwidth size of memcached DDoS attacks are now on the decline.
CA Veracode Acquisition

Google Urges Webmasters to Quickly Replace Untrusted Symantec Certs

Starting in a few week Chrome will no longer trust any Symantec digital certificate issued before June 2016.

Consumer Breaches Are Influencing Enterprise Security Policies SLIDESHOW

Gemalto's Identity and Access Management Index 2018 report reveals the intersection of consumer and enterprise authentication.

Tenable Launches Lumin Cyber-Exposure Benchmarking Platform

New feature on Tenable's cloud-delivered services platform aims to help organizations better understand and prioritize vulnerabilities.
Mobile banking

Mobile Advertising Trojan Attacks Declined in 2017, Kaspersky Reports

Overall, Kaspersky Lab reported that the total number of mobile malware attacks grew in 2017, though multiple categories of mobile malware declined.

Malware Attacks Up, Ransomware Attacks Down in 2017, SonicWall Reports SLIDESHOW

While the overall volume of malware attacks in 2017 grew, SonicWall found that the number of ransomware attacks declined last year.
Aqua 3.0

Aqua Expands Container Security Platform With MicroEnforcer

Aqua Security 3.0 provides new capabilities to help organizations protect Kubernetes container workloads as well as new modes of container deployment, including the AWS Fargate service.
Daily Tech Briefing March 6, 2018

Microsoft Rolls Out More Patches for Meltdown, Spectre CPU Flaws VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft resumes issuing Windows patches to fix Meltdown and Spectre; Fortinet boosts security fabric with cloud and SD-WAN security features; Google releases Hangouts Chat as an enterprise collaboration platform; and there's more.
Arbor DDoS

DDoS Record Broken Again as Memcached Attack Hits 1.7 Tbps

Days after a massive 1.35 Tbps DDoS attack against GitHub, an even larger attack reported at 1.7 Tbps by Netscout Arbor emerges to become the largest DDoS yet.
Daily Tech Briefing March 5, 2018

GitHub Is Victim of Largest Recorded DDoS Attack VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: GitHub is hit by the largest DDoS attack ever recorded at 1.35T bps; a new congressional report details Russian social media meddling; after its split with Micron, Intel finds a new 3D-NAND flash partner; and there's more.
Cisco Tetration Workload Protection

Cisco Extends Tetration Analytics to Enable Workload Protection

A new Cisco Tetration update provides vulnerability detection and process behavior monitoring, as well as a decoupled policy engine that will enable information to be streamed to software-defined networking controllers.

Facebook Automatically Upgrading Links to HTTPS to Boost Security

Facebook is now using an approach called HSTS preloading, to send users to the HTTPS secured version of a link.

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