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BMC SecOps Responce

BMC SecOps Response Service Brings Security Operations to the Cloud

A new cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform enables organizations to get visibility into known vulnerabilities and remediation status.
online fraud

CA Technologies Debuts Risk Analytics Network to Reduce Online Fraud

The neural network-based analytics model will make use data inputs from multiple credit card issuing banks to identify potentially fraudulent online transactions.
Cloud storage

Six Ways Businesses Can Prevent Loss of Valuable Data SLIDESHOW

The cost of data loss is on the rise and could cripple a company. eWEEK looks at common ways businesses lose valuable data as well as how to prevent data loss.
Google secure websites

Google Docs Phishing Attack Tricks Unsuspecting Users to Click

NEWS ANALYSIS: A massive phishing attack made use of an API called Google Docs to trick Google users into clicking and becoming victims.

Cyber-Attackers Continue Assault on Financial Services, IBM Reports SLIDESHOW

Financial services was the most attacked industry in 2016. The IBM X-Force Research team provides insight into the types of attacks that impacted such organizations last year.
Daily Video 502

New Netflix 'Orange Is the New Black' Episodes Released by Hackers VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Hackers steal, release new Netflix 'Orange Is the New Black' episodes; Many Android apps contain 'open port' flaws, researchers discover; Microsoft releases Azure Cloud management libraries for.NET and Java; and there's more.

Intel Warns of Active Management Technology Vulnerability

A newly reported privilege escalation flaw could enable an attacker to take administrative control of systems managed with Intel's firmware-based management technology.
Google secure websites

Google Chrome to Mark More HTTP Pages as Insecure Later This Year

HTTP pages that accept any kind of user data will be marked as "Not secure" starting in October, the company says.
David Jones, HPE

HPE Explains What European GDPR Privacy Regulations Mean to U.S. Firms VIDEO

VIDEO: David Jones, senior vice president of the Security & Information Governance Business Unit at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, explains what the new European Union privacy regulations mean to U.S. companies.

Sophos Intercept X Thwarts Ransomware Before It Encrypts Files SLIDESHOW

Sophos Intercept X watches for activity that presages a ransomware-like activity to warn users and system managers of suspicious activity before files are encrypted and ransomware demands are dispatched.
Data breaches

Hackers Steal, Release New Netflix 'Orange Is the New Black' Episodes

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cyber-attackers leak the new season of the Netflix show "Orange Is the New Black," exposing a weakness in the distributed model for media content development.
Symantec Network Security

Cloudflare Orbit Has Potential to Relieve Abysmal IoT Security Level

NEWS ANALYSIS: Internet of Things device security is generally regarded as abysmal because most connected devices lack even basic security measures. But now the Cloudfare Orbit promises a way to fix a bad situation.

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