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SafeBreach Raises New Funding to Expand Attack Simulation Platform

SafeBreach is continuing to grow its security testing and simulation platform to help organizations understand and improve security posture.
Daily Tech Briefing May 7, 2018

Cambridge Analytica Blames Bankruptcy on 'Unfounded Accusations' VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Facebook scandal sends Cambridge Analytica into bankruptcy, and a Google tool monitors cloud-hosted, on-premises Kubernetes clusters.

RSA Taking a FAIR Approach to Defining Cyber-Risk VIDEO

VIDEO: Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO of RSA, discusses why it's important to take a quantitative approach to measuring cyber-risk.

As GDPR Looms, Enterprises Must Lock Down Security, Data Privacy SLIDESHOW

With the General Data Protection Regulation ready to go into effect, enterprises share insight into avoiding common pitfalls when implementing programs that better protect their organization from risk.

Stripe Launches New Security App for Fraud Teams

Cloud-based service, designed for sophisticated teams of fraud professionals, improves visibility and offers granular control for identifying and preventing fraud.
Daily Tech Briefing May 4, 2018

Facebook CSO Details Efforts to Protect Users From Abuse and Attack VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Facebook CSO details efforts that protect Facebook and its users, and Dell EMC unveils storage and PowerEdge servers with AI and NVMe support.
Twitter Password reset

Twitter Advises Users to Reset Passwords After Bug Discovery

NEWS ANALYSIS: All of Twitter's 336 million users are potentially at risk after the company revealed that it was logging passwords before they were encrypted with a hashing algorithm.
Maya Kaczorowski

Google Brings In Container Security Startups to Secure Kubernetes VIDEO

VIDEO: At KubeCon Europe, Maya Kaczorowski, product manager of security and privacy at Google, details a new effort that brings container security technologies to the Google Cloud.
Cambridge Analytica Shutting Down

Facebook Scandal Sends Cambridge Analytica Into Bankruptcy

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cambridge Analytica has started legal proceedings in the U.S. and UK to shut down the company, but not before releasing a report stating that many media reports about the company’s operations were untrue and that it hadn’t done anything illegal.

Zuckerberg Pokes Fun at Himself, Touts New Apps at F8

Facebook CEO introduces several new functions, including a dating app, one that allows a group to share watching videos in real time, and new ways natural language processing and artificial intelligence will be used in future apps.
Facebook Security F8

Facebook CSO Details Efforts that Protect Facebook and Its Users

At Facebook's annual F8 developer conference, Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos described the social networking giant's efforts to protect its own infrastructure and its users from attack and abuse.

IT Science Case Study: Scalable Storage for Law Enforcement Surveillance

Body-worn cameras, dash cam and static surveillance are causing video sprawl, exploding storage needs and its costs. Law enforcement agencies are being squeezed for more efficient storage.

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