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Daily Tech Briefing Feb. 7, 2018

Cisco, Apple Join Group Providing Cyber-Security Services VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Cisco, Apple, Aon and Allianz partner on cyber-risk management; Microsoft expands its Azure cloud budgeting toolset; Layered Insight takes aim at container security; and there's more.

Uber Details Bug Bounty Breach Payout at Senate Hearing

A U.S. Senate hearing asks Uber and industry experts about bug bounties and why Uber used the approach to cover up a data breach.
Daily Tech Briefing Feb. 6, 2018

Researchers Find More Malicious Brower Extensions in Chrome Web Store VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google removes 89 malicious browser extensions from the Chrome web store; Oracle is betting on Autonomous Database to compete with cloud leaders; Pwn2Own 2018 expands targets and raises the prize pool to $2 million; and there's more.
BEC Email Scam

Rapid7 Previews InsightPhish for Phishing Email Security

The new service brings phishing simulation, analysis and defense to security operations teams.
Layered Insight

Layered Insight Takes Aim at Container Security

Startup joins crowded competitive market for container security technologies.
Daily Tech Briefing Feb. 5, 2018

Few Meltdown, Spectre Malware Attacks Are Being Reported VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Meltdown and Spectre malware samples emerge, though few attacks follow; the new Cisco Container Platform will support Kubernetes Orchestrator; threats to industrial control systems grow as vulnerabilities increase; and there's more.

Cisco, Apple, Aon, Allianz Partner on Cyber-Risk Management

The new offering brings together assessment services and cyber-security technologies along with hardware from Apple to enable better insurance coverage.
Chrome Cleanup Tool

Google Removes 89 Malicious Brower Extensions From Chrome Web Store

It has also disabled the extensions from running on more than 400,000 impacted systems after Trend Micro discovered the issue.
Mixed Cloud Security

7 Steps Administrators Should Take to Secure Mixed Cloud Environments

Enterprises today generally are not all-cloud or no-cloud, but stuck somewhere in between. Securing these mixed environments is difficult. Here are some recommended steps.
Pwn2Own 2017 2

Pwn2Own 2018 Expands Targets and Raises Prize Pool to $2M

For the first time at Pwn2Own, security researchers will take aim at Oracle's VirtualBox, as well as the open-source Nginx web server in attempts to reveal zero-day vulnerabilities.

Improving Cyber-Security Hygiene: Nine Methods to Fight Off Intruders SLIDESHOW

Breaches caused by compromised passwords continue to wreak havoc on businesses. But there are a number of steps organizations can take to help prevent cyber-intrusions.
ICS Security Threats

Threats to Industrial Control Systems Grow as Vulnerabilities Increase

NEWS ANALYSIS: A study by enterprise security company Positive Technologies found that the number of unprotected industrial control devices continues to grow each year offering a clear path for cyber-attackers.

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