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DTB March 7 2017

IBM Enhances Publicly Accessible Quantum Computing Services VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: IBM expands quantum computing efforts; Researchers find 132 malware-infected Android apps on Google Play; Yahoo reveals cookie forging activity led to account breach; and there's more.

Firefox 52 Brings WebAssembly and Security Fixes

Mozilla patches Firefox for 28 different vulnerabilities, with seven rated as having critical impact.

Organizations Failing to Implement Planned Cyber-Security Strategies SLIDESHOW

Intel's Security's survey of cyber-security operators and executives finds that among its top findings, nearly all organizations say they have a cyber-security strategy in place when not even half do.
CA Veracode Acquisition

CA Technologies Acquires Veracode for $614M to Enable Secure DevOps

CA Technologies will expand its security portfolio with Veracode, providing application and code security scanning capabilities that will enable a full lifecycle of security for the DevOps workflow.
wordpress 4.7.3

WordPress 4.7.3 Updates for Six Security Issues

The open-source WordPress blogging and content management system fixes six vulnerabilities, including three Cross Site Scripting flaws.
Okta Stormpath

Okta Acquires Stormpath to Add Identity Control for Devs

Stormpath, founded in 2011, developed one of the industry's first identity management APIs for software teams building web, mobile and API-driven applications.
DTB March 6 2017

Google Engineers Patch Java Bug in 2,600 Open Source Projects VIDEO

Google volunteer team patches thousands of open-source projects; Google makes progress on teaching computers to diagnose cancer; HPE realigns its technical services unit as Pointnext; and there's more.
big data

Cisco Scales Mobile Security for 5G

As the era for 5G mobile networks nears, there will be increased security demands that will require new technologies to defend users and carriers. Cisco is aiming to help meet the challenge with its new Security Architecture for Mobile Service Providers.
prog error security

Google Volunteer Team Patches Thousands of Open-Source Projects

A 50-member team of Google engineers voluntarily worked to patch 2,600 open-source projects against a Java deserialization bug in 2016.

Symantec Aims to Reveal Cloudbleed Risks

Though Cloudflare, the company behind the Cloudbleed security incident, has been actively working to mitigate the impact of the vulnerability, Symantec has a new tool to help detect vulnerable applications.
Software Flaws

Yahoo Reveals Cookie Forging Activity Led to Account Breach

NEWS ANALYSIS: Yahoo's latest security disclosure provides insight into how attackers forged cookies to access 32 million user accounts, in at attack that security experts see as being preventable.

2016 Sees Massive Spike in Ransomware, Trend Micro Finds SLIDESHOW

A Trend Micro report details 2016 malware trends, finding ransomware was up and exploit kits were down.

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