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Project Verify

Mobile Carriers Join Together for Project Verify Authentication Effort

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon have come together in the Mobile Authentication Taskforce in a bid to provide consumers with a stronger form of authentication than simply relying on an SMS passcode.
Twistlock Cloud Native security report

Cloud-Native Applications at Risk From Zero Touch Attacks

Twistlock set up a honeypot with vulnerable applications to see what would happen and was quickly attacked by automated botnets looking to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities.
Bomgar BeyondTrust

Bomgar to Be Renamed BeyondTrust After Acquisition of PAM Vendor

After years of being best known as a remote access technology vendor, Bomgar will be renamed BeyondTrust later this year after it completes the acquisition of privileged access management vendor BeyondTrust.
Google cloud

Google Outlines Incident Response Process for Cloud Customers

The four-phased approach is designed to quickly identify incidents, mitigate damage and restore services, the company says.
FireEye Email Security Report

Malware-less Email Attacks Increasingly Common, FireEye Finds

While email attachments that include viruses and ransomware are still a risk, most email attacks no longer include malware.
Corelight Bro

Corelight Expands Network Security Platform With Virtual Edition

Corelight raises new funding to help grow its network security framework, which is based on the open-source Bro project.
Daily Tech Briefing - Sept. 10, 2018

British Airways Website, Mobile App Hacked, Impacting 380K Customers VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: British Airways data breach exposes 380,000 customers to risk, and a watchdog group bypasses Google controls to buy divisive political ads.

Key Trends That Fuel Phishing Inside an Enterprise

In this eWeek Data Point article, using industry information and data from GreatHorn, which specializes in cloud-native email security, we identify key trends fueling phishing’s success within the enterprise.
Daily Tech Briefing Sept. 7, 2018

FIN6 Cyber-Hacking Group Attacking PoS Systems, IBM Reveals VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: IBM identifies ongoing FIN6 attacks against PoS targets, and Google claims its MasterCard data deal doesn't violate privacy rights.
email security

Proofpoint Automates Email Security With CLEAR

The first joint technology offering from Proofpoint and its new Wombat security division is now available, providing an integrated email security platform.
British Airways Breach

British Airways Data Breach Exposes 380,000 Customers to Risk

At least 380,000 British Airways customers are at risk after the international airline reveals that its website and mobile application were somehow exploited by hackers.
Russian Infrastructure Attack Campaign

Google Claims It Knew CfA Ad Buy Didn’t Originate from Russian IRA

NEWS ANALYSIS: Google claims that it knew all along that an advertising purchase by a Washington-based watchdog group wasn’t really from the Russian Internet Research Agency, which is why it didn’t the block divisive ads.
Firefox 62

Firefox 62 Improves CSS Support for Developers, Fixes Bugs

Mozilla's latest web browser release provides new web standards support for developers, speed improvements on Windows and patches for nine security issues.

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