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Intel Unveils New-Generation Optane SSD for Storage and RAM

In its most simplistic description, 3D Xpoint is a powerful processor that goes vertical in addition to horizontal. Thus the "3D" moniker, and thus the need for an entirely new SSD to hold it.
Azure Cloud Doubles

Microsoft Launches New Storage-Optimized Azure VMs

The latest Azure cloud updates include new virtual machines that offer brisk, low-latency performance for storage-intensive workloads.

Barracuda Launches New VM Backup Functions for VMware, Hyper-V

Both products are designed to get systems quickly back online and running while additional fixes are being implemented.

WD, UN Use Big Data Competition to Fight Climate Change

Data for Climate Action is an open innovation challenge to use data science and big data from the private sector to fight climate change.

Excelero Uses Storage Ideas from Big Guys, Goes Mainstream

Startup offers high performance, scalability and cost-effectiveness of systems being run by the largest web services providers and gives it to smaller enterprises.
HPE Nimble Storage

HPE Adds More Storage IP With $1B Acquisition of Nimble

In the deal, HPE inherits Nimble's set of 10,000 enterprise customers. Not a bad addition to the HPE sales charts.

IBM Watson, Salesforce Einstein Team Up in AI App Partnership

IBM and Salesforce are teaming up their respective artificial intelligence geniuses—Watson and Einstein—to solve analytics-related problems for salespeople all over the globe by helping them close deals.
Daily Tech Briefing 3/3/2017

Yahoo CEO Mayer to Lose Compensation Due to Massive Data Breaches VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Yahoo CEO Mayer Will Forgo Bonuses Due to Security Lapses; AWS Outage Demonstrates Need for Redundancy Even in the Cloud; Recent Cloud Issues Show Security Can Fail Dramatically; and there's more.
DTB March 1 2017

AWS Outage Knocks S3 Storage, Many Web Sites Offline VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Service Interruption Hits AWS's S3 Facility in Northern Virginia; SpaceX Targets 2018 for Manned Mission Around the Moon and Beyond; Google Releases Details of Unpatched Microsoft Flaws; and there's more.

AWS's S3 Facility Hit by Outage, Many Services Disrupted

Widespread service interruption takes down much of the company's S3 storage and a long list of services with it for several hours.

NetApp, Cloudtenna Team for Cloud File Service Development

Cloudtenna's DirectShare, validated for use with NetApp storage, is bringing new IP in intelligent file share and search to NetApp's solid state storage packages.

HPE Says Global 'Headwinds' Causing Revenue Decline

Global market challenges could last three to four quarters, CEO Meg Whitman said.

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