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Sony Isnt Just Toying Around

In Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," hapless earthlings learn that laboratory mice have been experimenting on humans while deceiving them into believing the reverse.

Storage Spans Atlantic on IP

EMC and CNT recently created the first storage-over-IP system that mirrors data across the Atlantic Ocean.

EMC Takes the HighRoad

Tool directs traffic to NAS or SAN system

Understanding the Why of the Buy

What does it say about today's music when an album of previously released songs, some of which hit No. 1 nearly four decades ago, tops the charts?

EMC SAN System Delivers

EMC Corp.'s Clariion 4500 storage system delivers enterprise-class data storage at a reasonable price.

Technology thwarts RAID data loss

Land-5 Corp. has developed a software-based technology that gives RAID storage systems the ability to sustain multiple drive failures without risking data loss.

New tape technologies should upgrade backup

Companies thirsting for more robust tape backup systems will have plenty of choices in the months ahead as three tape technologies emerge.

Messing With PCs—Its The Devils Work

I have one question about tanking PC sales: why did it take so long?

eFiles: December 4, 2000

Sony Corp. of America-which ranked No. 8 on eWeek's 2000 FastTrack 500 list of e-business innovators-late last month said it will issue a tracking stock for its Internet business.

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